Welcome to Ramapo Green!

We are the Ramapo College sustainability hub that houses all environmentally progressive clubs and organizations. Join the movement.

These clubs and organizations include:

Students Together for Environmental Progress

Students Together for Environmental Progress (1STEP) works to make positive, measurable changes on campus by promoting a sustainable environment. They take small steps that turn into big results in reducing carbon emissions, college costs and preserving the environment.

Club Advisor: Dr. Ashwani Vasishth

Archway | Facebook | Instagram | Email: 1step@ramapo.edu

Ramapo College Beekeeping Club


The Ramapo College Beekeeping Club (RCBC) are the caretakers of the hives installed behind the Sharp Sustainability Education Center (SSEC) courtesy of the New Jersey Beekeepers’ Association (NJBA). Even if bees are beyond your comfort zone, you can still participate in their educational campaigns, crafting activities with beeswax and honey, and other events!

Club Advisor: Dr. Eric Wiener

Archway | Instagram | Twitter | Email: beekeeping@ramapo.edu

Garden Club

The Garden Club manages the Redwood Garden located in the College Park Apartments. The club also helps tend to the campus wildflower meadows, and the Garden between the Sharp Sustainability Education Center (SSEC) and the Village.

Club Advisor: Michael Wilson

Archway | Facebook | Instagram | Email: gardenclub@ramapo.edu

Student Government Association Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is dedicated towards establishing the consciously sustainable culture that Ramapo College declares in its Mission Statement. The Committee is responsible for promoting student engagement, connecting clubs, creating interest groups, developing sustainability leadership, and discussing sustainability topics on and off campus, such as climate change, divestment, promotion of renewable energy, systemic discrimination, public health, the circular economy, and waste management.

Chaired by the SGA Secretary of Sustainability

Archway | Email: sga@ramapo.edu

Sunrise RCNJ

Sunrise RCNJ works to fight the effects of climate change and hold our politicians accountable for greener policies through youth-led organizing, political non-violent activism, and community outreach and education. Visit sunrisemovement.org to find out more.

Club Advisor: Dr. Michael Edelstein

Archway | Instagram | Email: sunrisercnj@ramapo.edu