Humans of Ramapo Green: Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison is a known figure amongst the Ramapo Green community, but many don’t know that he is the founder of HarBee Beekeeping, a Bergen county based beekeeping operation making backyard beekeeping possible. HarBee’s goal is to create a more sustainable food system based in the most up-to-date scientific information. HarBee Beekeeping provides two packages. Package #1 allows for the client to own the hive and all the honey and can cost between $800-$1800 for yearly maintenance. Package #2 allows for the client to lend their land to Harbee Beekeeping and have first dibs on the honey supply. The cost includes bear fencing and 10 dollar bottles of honey upon request.

When Pat isn’t working at HarBee, he is probably with the Beekeeping Club, 1Step, Garden Club, or studying for one of his environmental science classes. He is commonly seen on campus riding his bike from one responsibility to the next and always bringing an enthusiastic attitude to everything he does. He is also a member of the Sustainable Living Eco-stewardship program and is on a mission to create as little waste as possible. He intends of spending sustainability through ethical practices and transparency.

How did you find your current passion for environmentalism?

As a scout I was constantly hiking, fishing and camping. I want to make sure that young people have the same beauty that I enjoyed.

What has been your most memorable moment within Rampo Green?

The community that Ramapo Green is, especially with SLE, has made all of my favorite memories at Ramapo. I wouldn’t know how to pinpoint it.

What is one thing that you would like to change on campus in the name of sustainability?

I think Ramapo is on a good track. It is important to move slow to ensure that every step is deliberate and perfected before taking on new projects.

What are your plans post grad?

After graduation, I will be self employed, managing 15 hives with HarBee Beekeeping. In addition, I was recently hired as the  the Havemeyer Edible Garden Ambassador for the Havemeyer House.

Follow Pat’s journey with HarBee Beekeeping on Instagram @harbee_beekeeping and Facebook @HarBeeBeekeeping

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